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John DiResta - "Miss Congeniality" "Tonight Show"

Blake Clark - "The Waterboy" "Home Improvement"

Bruce Baum - "Hollywood Squares" "The Simpsons"

Carlos Alazraqui - "Reno 911" "Family Guy"

Kira Soltanovich - "The Tonight Show" "Showtime"

Monique Marvez - KFI Radio Host - "Showtime"

Chuck Testa - "YouTube Sensation" "Commercial Kings"

Darren Carter - "The Party Starter" "HBO"

Frank Nicotero - "Street Smarts" "Craig Ferguson"

Andres Fernandez - "" "Comics Unleashed"

Chaunte' Wayans - TV & Film Star

Gerry Bednob - "40 Year Old Virgin"

Delanie Fischer - "Laughs" "Self Help-less Podcast"

Ian Salmon - "Comedy Central" "The Mindy Project"

Sarah Newell - "Law & Order" "911"


Andy Gross - "The Tonight Show" "Ellen"

Karen Rontowski - "Late Night with David Letterman"

Tom McGillen - "Joe Dirt" "Evening at the Improv"

Robert Duchaine - Las Vegas Headliner

Jill-Michele Melan - "Mad TV" "reno 911"

Laurie Kilmartin - "Conan" "Tonight Show"

Joe Bartnick - "Comedy Central Roasts" 

Jen Kober - "Anger Management""Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Gene Pompa - All kinds of stuff

Bob Zany - Freaking Legend

Erin O'Connor - Amazing comic and human

Melissa McQueen - Also Amazing as comic and human

Tom McClain - Dr. Phil, Fox Sports, KVTA Mornings

Quinn Dahle - The Tonight Show, Comedy Central

also some guy that talked about China for 15 min

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